Why Do You Need Samples Before Printing?

- Jan 31, 2018 -

When making a custom hand bag, the factory will ask if it is necessary to make a sample. What is the proofing?Why do they do it?

The proofing is the technical term for the paper bag, which is the process of the connection between pre-press production and printing, so that the user can foresee the final print result before printing.Nowadays, in the paper bag making industry, it is important to have large samples, traditional proofing and digital proofing.In the process of making portable paper bags, it is usually necessary to make a sample, so there are two purposes for this.

First is to use carrier bags to inspect the quality of the original samples, such as color, order a look at it reappear when whether meet the requirements, some of the layout of the pages, text layout, rule line is correct, such as ever to change, and so on.The second is to provide reference for the following official paper bags, such as font, image, color, size and page setting, so as to facilitate printing standardization and standardization.In the end, the proofing of the paper bag can effectively solve many problems, which can avoid the loss of both parties because the paper bag produced is not in line with the customer's demand.

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