Which Materials Are Used To Make Paper Bags

- Apr 21, 2018 -

Picking bag material selection

Kraft paper/kraft paper is tough and can be divided into white kraft paper, yellow kraft paper, and double-colored leather. On the paper, it can be divided into: pure cowhide and copper plated cowhide, basically from 80 to 120 pounds of kraft paper. , are suitable for making all kinds of shopping bags.

Coated/Coated paper is suitable for high-quality color printing, so art shopping bags are often made of coated paper of 120 to 150 pounds. Because the tenacity of coated paper is low, the toughness is generally enhanced by polishing with a PP film.

Fine art paper/art paper is a vague term used to describe paper that has been processed and dyed. Art paper is usually stronger than coated paper, and its paper quality is diversified. Many 100-150 pound fine art papers are quite suitable for making shopping bags, but paper costs are high.

Special paper: such as South Asia Synthetic Paper, 3M Thaiwick Paper, pp imitation kraft paper...etc.

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