What's The Way Of Packing Box Printing

- Jan 25, 2018 -

One, offset printing

Most of the books and packing boxes are offset printing products.

Offset lithography is a very simple, means of speaking that is offset rubber (Pib) will plate transfer to the substrate of printing, namely three roller (printing, lithographic printing and embossing of Pib), in the south of our country to the printing mode called Ke printing.

Two. Intaglio

Plastic bags are usually gravure printing.

Gravure printing full color stereoscopic graphics, has the sense of convex, and rich layers, clear lines, high quality printing plate, long service life, suitable for mass printing. Intaglio printing can be used to print extremely thin materials, such as plastic films.

The main shortcomings of gravure printing are: pre press plate making technology is complex, long cycle and high cost of plate making. Due to the use of volatile solvents, the harmful gas content in the workshop is high, and the workers' health is greatly damaged. The gravure printing practitioners require relatively high treatment.

Intaglio printing is complex and expensive, and the ink is polluted. These two problems have influenced the development of intaglio printing. In particular, a large number of copies of the reduction of a large number of copies of the short plate at the same time requires a large number of lower printing parts, so that the intaglio printing continues to lose market.


The most common logistics packaging corrugated cardboard boxes are soft print products.

Flexo is the evolution of letterpress, and flexo is a direct type of printing. It is called flexo printing because of the use of an elastic, convex image plate. The flexo plate is stuck on the plate roller, and the plate is made of a carved metal mesh roll for ink.

The flexible version of the direct printing has the following features:

(1). The maximum width of a wide flexible printing press can reach 2.5m~2.8m.

(2) low price. The flexible plate has high printing resistance and can be reused; the price of the ink is also low.

(3) joint production, such as printing, slotting, indentation, binding (sticky) boxes, bundling and so on, can be completed.

(4) the strength reduction of carton is less. Because the flexo printing is light press printing, it has little influence on the strength of corrugated cardboard.

(5) the printing accuracy is not high, the conventional offset printing screen line number to 175 lines per inch, while conventional screen digital flexo carton 35 lines per inch ~65 lines per inch, which belongs to the low precision of printing, the most suitable for printing text line is printed four-color image quality in recent years has increased, but there are still limitations.

Four. Silk screen

Screen printing is the nearest way to print our lives. The common local UV is screen printing. According to the thickness of the screen, ink accumulation can be formed, and it has a very good sense of three-dimensional. Silk screen is also widely used for sticky label printing.


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