What's The Difference Between Bronzing And Printing?

- Jan 29, 2018 -

In the end, some customers have some gold designs in the design drawing of the paper bag. In general, our business will be confirmed with the customer. Is it printed or bronzed?But what are the differences?

Although are present on the surface of the bag bag of gold, in fact, different from the name of the hot stamping and printing gold can know a thing or two, hot stamping is electrochemical aluminum hot stamping foils are mainly used to heat and pressure will be hot stamping logo or transferred to the material surface.The effect has a very good stereo feeling and luster feeling, and should be done on the professional bronzing machine.Printing gold is direct printing, directly on the printing press can be completed.

Gilding is more expensive than printing, and the stamping is more complicated.You can choose whether to use bronzing or printing on paper bags according to the cost and effect.

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