What Are The Sizes Of The Paper Bags? What Size Is Commonly Used?

- Dec 22, 2017 -

    What are the bag size according to height * width * wall width, MM: 130*90*30, 150*100*30, 150*110*30, 190*135*50, 200*145*50, 200*150*50, 300*200*60, 320*230*60-70, 320*240*60-70, 390*290*60-80, 440*320*60-80, 450*340*60-80, 600*420*80-100, 650*450*, 80-100, 700*480*80-100.

    In general we design the paper bag when the first consideration is to look at the bag loaded products the size, size to design the bag according to size of products, there are also some common like shopping bags, clothing bags and other products, because the size difference is not much, considering the appearance and cost,there are some universal paper size.

Our common supermarket shopping bags are commonly used in size:

320mm x 260mm x 40mm

400mm x 285mm x 80mm

The size of these two paper bags is cut out the most paper, and the cost control is maximized.

Common clothes paper bags are commonly used in size:

420MM x 320MM x 10MM

300MM x 250MM x 70MM

280MM x 370MM x 10MM

There are also some small underwear packaging paper bags used in size:

130mm x 190mm x 60mm

160mm x 200mm x 60mm

150mm x 180mm x 60mm

Common shoe box hand bag size:

350MM x 260MM x 130MM

300MM x 400MM x 120MM

310MM x 230MM x 110MM

Common gift bag size:

No. 1 39.5*31.3*9CM

No. 2 34*27*9CM

No. 3 27*23*8CM

No. 4 21*17*7.5CM

No. 5 14*11.5*6.5CM

The size of 4 standard paper bags for the most provincial paper:

The conventional bag size: 2 open handbags, are 2 open bag, 3 open handbags, are 3 open bag this several different sizes.

2 open handbags: 330mm (W) *450mm (high) *90mm (side)

Is the 2 open bag: 280mm (W) *420mm (high) *80mm (side)

3 open handbags: 250mm (W) *350mm (high) *80mm (side)

Is the 3 open bag: 240mm (W) *290mm (high) *80mm (side)

Handbag making requirements:

Size: the size of a handbag is usually determined according to the size of the package. General standard sizes are divided into three, four or three. Each is divided into two types: positive or large. Its net size is composed of long, wide, wide, and more detailed size specifications, please refer to the attached drawings.

Paper: the paper of the handbag can be made of 157G and 200g. If necessary with heavier packaging, 300g printing paper or more than 300g card paper can be used. In the case of copperplate or paperboard printing, the strength of the film or Subfilm is generally needed. In addition, because of its toughness and environmental protection, white kraft paper has been increasingly applied to handbag making recently. 120g or 140g white or yellow kraft paper is usually used. After printing, oil is needed to protect the ink from rubbing dirty when making bags.

Processing technology: after the printing of the handbag, it is necessary to cover the film or wear the rope to form. The handbag rope can choose nylon rope, cotton rope or rope. If the size of the handbag is large, the rivet should be reinforced at the rope hole to resist the tension.

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