The Use Of The Gift Bag, Where Are The Gift Bags Used?

- Dec 22, 2017 -


Office Supplies

1: enterprise office supplies

Such products include paper brick, book, folder, etc., which can be used not only for commercial advertising gifts, but also for internal units. It is characterized by significant advertising position. This book and folder can also add company profiles, which is suitable for office occasions.

2: advertising pen

Small and practical, various functions, whether a large number of dispatch or special gift, have a suitable choice including: ballpoint pen, signature pen, styling pen, brand pen and so on.

3: electronic products

Practical and technical, modern people naturally prefer scientific and technological gifts. Including: calculator, radio, electronic calendar, PDA, electronic health care products, and so on.

Fine arts and crafts

1 arts and crafts

It has high artistic and collection value. Suitable for important activities to commemorate and senior business activities including bronze, tin, ceramic gifts crafts etc..

2: crystal products

It is clear and glittering and glittering and glittering, and the noble quality is clear at a glance. The use of artificial crystal materials, can be processed into a variety of shapes, with exquisite packaging, suitable for important events commemorating and awarding awards.

3: the top of the desk

With gorgeous appearance and exquisite quality, with exquisite advertising logo production, is a few years popular formal business occasion high grade gift.

4: gold coins

Full of cultural taste, high artistic and ornamental, is the latest choice of high-grade gifts.

5: smoking gifts

For example, a cigarette lighter, a pipe, a cigarette mouthpiece, and so on are some of the tastes of men's collectibles. The gifts in this respect coincided with their hobbies.

6: medal medals

Exquisite quality and various logo writing effects make people not only in the eyes, but also in mind, which is suitable for commemorating qualifications, awarding prizes and important activities.


The price is low and the color is bright. It is suitable for the exhibition and the big promotion. Including PVC pen, advertising fan, balloons, soft pen, plastic frame, mouse pad.

8: advertising table

While reminding people about time, they also remind you of your brand. It is a medium and high grade gift. Including: plastic shell table, metal shell table, multi-functional table and other types.

Articles for daily use

1: advertising clothing

Real "intimate" contact, let the brand into people's heart. Including: cultural shirts, T-Shirts, jackets, vest, advertising cap, silk scarf, tie and so on.

2: leather goods

Leather is the charm and delicate like nature itself is commonly used in high-end business gifts. Including: name card holder, key bag, cosmetic bag, purse, briefcase, silver clip.

3: bags and bags

Practical gifts, for meetings, seminars, exhibitions include: coin bag, pen bag, luggage, computer bag, leisure bag, briefcase, etc..

4: Home Furnishings

Let the memory of corporate brand go deep into every corner of people's life, including low-grade gifts suitable for exhibitions and promotions, and high-end VIP gifts such as Swiss Army knives, brand-name appliances and so on.

5: advertising umbrella, tent

Strong practicality and remarkable advertising position, it is a popular gift in summer promotion and exhibition.

6: wedding, birthday gift, or as a gift bag

Company image products

1: chest emblem buckle

The brand image of the company is set up effectively. The low-grade products are suitable for the promotion, the exhibition and the application of the high-end products to the business occasions.

2: plastic products

The advertising position is striking and has the effect of outdoor advertising. It is often used in exhibition and large public activities. Including: large inflatable, plastic inflatable objects, automatic inflatable balloons and so on.

3: packaging products

Exquisite packaging plays an important role in establishing corporate image and promoting the effect of promotion. It includes packing boxes, packing bags and paper bags for all kinds of materials.

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