The Use Of Non-woven Bag Material

- Oct 21, 2018 -

Material is indispensable to perform visual interest language elements, and the appeal of the material language to a great extent, also from the people of the tactile experience, this kind of visual and tactile communication, let people in use process produce rich emotional experience.

In daily life, we can easily found that the degree of the material of different visual appeal to us.Also, our tactile sensation of different materials have different emotional experience.The material of cloth, for example, will give us soft, comfortable feeling, it conveys the emotion more warmth, downy;The feel of wood to give us a solid, hale and hearty, it conveys emotion is heavy, have to rely on feeling;Glass there is a crystal clear, crisp fragile feeling, it is to show people the pure and fresh and farce, careful emotion;Leather material will have a tough, comfortable feeling, it give a person a kind of elegant, pleasant emotional experience.

The mixture of the visual and tactile experience with intercourse, constitutes the overall experience of product process, and in the hearts of people give out a kind of understanding of product definition, this understanding can produce purchase desire, derivative to decide whether an important determinant of purchase behavior.
If a product is simple, hard functional role, then it will be a general, public goods.If we put the material of this kind of ability to communicate with people call it "the language of material", then we can communicate by material of their own ability, let the consumer with the communication and dialogue, then the goods is not just an appearance and functional products, it has more to do with reveals the consumer in terms of emotional experience and the resonance of the mind.This will be the language of "material" and other convey emotions by lenovo to use in the design of the bag, the bag has ten million different emotional tendency, projected into the each consumer psychology also can produce different emotional effect.This bag is not just an instrument used to outfit, sheng, but took the design concept of consumer appeal, this is the bag the material of interesting design expression.

The existing bag material on the market are mostly white board paper bag, plastic bag and cloth bag, and some of the high-grade goods white paper bag.These handbags production process is simple, the demand is not high, with weight and volume of something is good, so more popular with the seller.Their purpose is very clear, is hold, loading, easy to carry.But the yearly number of reducing the amount of consumption of paper and wood are closely related, we can not at the expense of natural energy to achieve the goal of expanding business interests.We can develop other carrier, such as the designers of the European and American countries now "into" - using auto processed waste tires burnish, processing after forming soft, plenty of "leather", use the special "skins" made into all kinds of bags, backpacks, tote bags, CD box, etc.
With strong local characteristics in some areas, we can make the skin of the unique local crops, fruits, rod or plant roots, stems, leaves after simple processing, such as polishing after sewn into a bag of all kinds, and each has its own characteristics.Such as corn husk after simple processing, superposition, adopts the sewing and knitting process forms a small basket, and then after coloring, polishing, decoration became rich's bag.Style not only varied, each are not identical, and intricacies, fun.Toughness good branches or vines, can be through a variety of weaving technique, into all forms of small basket or a small basket, after simple processing, can be installed to handle or straps, also is environmental protection, sturdy and durable bag.This handbag manufacture craft simple, environmental protection, not only have the function of more powerful, also increased the product is practical and interesting.With the present era theme of environmental protection at the same time, also meet the public psychological experience.

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