The Non-woven Bag Design Trends And Methods

- Oct 21, 2018 -

For handbag designer not only to understand and study the history and status quo, research handbag design skills, etc.;Also should fully understand the study of the history and present situation of art design, the research history and current situation of the whole culture art, for example: the study of calligraphy, poetry, painting and other sisters art skills, such ability in the vision, inspire thinking, developing intelligence.Not only that, we should advocate the concept of "grand design" : namely, jump out of the bag the bag design, jump out of the bag design for handbag design;
The design of the handbag on the graphics should be concise, novel, mainly reflects the characteristic of the enterprise.At the same time because of the play to the function such as sales promotion, communication, display, and protection, storage, with strong functions of handbags is one of the medium flow visual convey product image handbag of a main function.Is the bag of goods is the pursuit of individual or enterprise culture quality given by the product itself of its image itself.
As a handbag design printing strategy as the prerequisite, to determine the enterprise image has the important role that cannot be ignored.Handbag design printing to expand sales, establish famous brand, and stimulate the desire to buy competitiveness has very big effect.Form the psychological assurance is the foundation of design form is also very important.From the perspective of visual psychology, people despise uniform without change the design of the form, like the pursuit of rich diversity handbag design.And through sophisticated printing can embody the company is different.

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