The Importance Of Text And Color In Product Packaging Design

- Jun 23, 2018 -

When we saw a plan for a product packaging program, we began to draw attention to the color and ink in this package. Therefore, it can be seen that the pen and ink are in strain in a product packaging plan. Why are ink and color so nervous? Let's take a look at it separately.

The brush and ink themselves have long been tempered and transformed, and they themselves have a pictographic beauty and an artistic atmosphere. Ink and ink can be said to be an integral element of every package. Therefore, packaging planners must have individual understanding. That is to do a good job of packaging, must first grasp the ink.

(1) To understand the characteristics of various types of fonts, choose the right typeface when planning the packaging. In addition to having a deep understanding of the characteristics of existing fonts, planners can also create new forms of fonts based on the characteristics of the products, so as to absorb the dedication of the customers and reach the purpose of trafficking.

(2) In addition to the font plan, the layout of the pen and ink is another important factor in the image of the packaging plan. Arrangements and dispositions must not only elaborate on the relationship between words and words, but also detail the relationship between rows and groups, groups and groups.

In addition to the detailed thickness, kerning, and area mediation in the arrangement, there must be a clear distinction between line spacing and kerning. The basic request for packaging and ink-laying plans is to follow the attributes of the form and the order of the brush and ink, start from the group, and control the layout.

As far as the arrangement is concerned, it can be varied: horizontal situation, vertical situation, round situation, conformity situation, road situation, uneven situation, grass formation situation, meeting situation, corresponding situation, repeated situation, elephant situation, Axial mood and so on. In addition to the application of various types of situations, they can also be used in conjunction with each other, and can be transformed into more layouts in the actual layout.

According to the research, in all the components that make up the product packaging plan, color can be the first and most pleasing to shake people's reactions. More than 80% of the news comes from the visual, directly stimulating the purchase desire of the consumers, and some market scholars even think that Mining is the first factor in the decision to sell. Therefore, color picking should be one of the key factors affecting the success of the packaging program.

The reason why merchants spend a lot of money to ask amateur staff to analyze the product packaging plan in depth is still certain, because it will determine the product's sales prospects, especially the packaging of pen and ink. Of course, there are signs that go against them, and some plans are bolder and more daunting in their use of color, but they can also achieve better and more surprising results. However, if they are careful, if they are not well-positioned, they will be prolonged.

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