The Essentials Of Making Green Shopping Bag With Waste Paper

- Oct 30, 2017 -

1. For general Dry Goods

It is recommended that the production of the original paper be controlled by the technical index of the A or B-class Kraft cardboard. Noodles can noodles, also can not dry noodles, this should be based on the printing of complex patterns and advertising. Paper pages can be quantified in 135~150/. 25x20x15cm paper bag can withstand the weight of up to volume kg.

2. For goods that need to withstand a certain amount of moisture

You can also use full waste paper. Only on the basis of the above standards, add a certain wet strength agent 0.5~1.0%, wet intensity to reach $number dry strength can be.

3. For meat or other wet goods,

The same can be selected for the whole waste paper manufacturing shopping bags. This needs to be in the process of paper pulp added or surface coating of environmentally friendly oil-resistant agent. can also be used on the surface strength of a good two times on the cardboard paper spray water soluble or degradable resin.

4. Paper Clips

Many manufacturers in mainland China have developed full paper clips. That is, when the paper is copied, the two-layer slurry is added to the water-soluble yarn, which can reach the strength of four layers of Kraft paper, which can completely replace the ordinary cement bag paper. Also, a single layer of paper can be used on a shopping bag. These products are safe and environmentally friendly.

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