The Advantages Of Non-woven Fabric Bags, Environmental Paper Bags And Canvas Bags

- Feb 03, 2018 -

The non-woven environmental protection bag is characterized by light and thin. After folding, it is most portable, rich in color and various in thickness. The raw material is non-woven, the price is the lowest, and it is easy to be decomposed; it has been very popular with environmental bags that people like.

Environmental paper bagsis characterized by crisp style, beautifully printed, rich color, not easy to fold, the strong degree is relatively poor, the main raw material is paper, waterproof performance is poor, the price is moderate; no film is easy to be decomposed; but also very popular part of love;

As the name implies, canvas bags, canvas material, green environmental protection, easy decomposition; characteristics of strong wear resistance, the price is more expensive, but the use of long cycle, can be washed with time; in recent years by some powerful enterprises fancy; one input, show lasting high-end;

Production process: non-woven fabric and canvas bag are tailoring, printing and sewing process. Paper bags also have the process of tailoring. Printing and folding gluing at the back are usually done automatically by machine.


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