Straw Husk Is Transformed Into An Environmentally Friendly Meal Box Shopping Bag.

- Feb 15, 2018 -

By using biodegradable biosynthetic resin technology, it can be used to solve the comprehensive utilization of straw, and can replace the biodegradable meal box, supermarket shopping bag and other environmental protection products. The technology, developed jointly by the Chinese academy of sciences and the heilongjiang happy people group, has attracted the attention of the national innovation center of Malaysia.

Yesterday, Malaysia hui-sheng wang, chairman of the national center for innovation and entrepreneurship member of the delegation, the Chinese academy of sciences, the representative Zhang Suo jiang came through the open area, and heilongjiang people happiness biological synthetic resin technology development co., LTD. Signed a biodegradable synthetic resin technology into the protocol and raw material purchasing. After the agreement is signed, the happy group will help Malaysia set up a factory to solve the 5,000 tons of palm straws in Malaysia each year.

Heilongjiang people happiness biological synthetic resin technology development co., LTD. Is a synthetic resin technology development of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in the use of agricultural by-products as raw material to the environment of time controlled biodegradable synthetic resin, new materials, straw and rice husk industry by-products superfine grinding technology development and technical services. The company has already obtained hundreds of technology patents, the products are exported to Japan, South Korea and other countries, the annual recycling of the surrounding straw 6000 tons.

Wang huisheng said the visit was very fruitful, which will not only help the Malaysian side learn from China's experience, but also promote friendly exchanges and cooperation between heilongjiang and Malaysia.

Wang yuqin, chairman of the happiness group, said the group will boost the development of local high-tech environmental protection industries through extensive cooperation with the Malaysian innovation center and other sectors.

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