Shopping Bags Were Made With Regenerated Cork Bark And New Technology Was Demonstrated.

- Feb 18, 2018 -

On August 30, "Jin Dafeng" cup of jining city held the fifth innovation entrepreneurship competition heats in yanzhou, the growing group of 50 companies, start-up group of 52 companies to participate in the heats, from all the selection of the two groups will be out of the top ten finalists.

Shopping bags were made with regenerated cork bark and new technology was demonstrated.

At 9 o 'clock in the morning, the competition began, and each company decided the order of the competition by drawing lots. The competition judges scored the participating items in the form of PPT presentation and field defense. During the competition, some enterprises also brought their own research and development results while explaining the project on the spot. In combination with the PPT presentation, the on-site judges knew the project more intuitively.

"With renewable quercus variabilis research and development production of nonwoven cork bark cloth" project brought their research and development of exhibits and cork fabric cloth shopping bags for the judges to scene experience, these products can be used both by feel the texture of the product, can also be pulling on the toughness of the product experience, you can smell the way to determine whether there is peculiar smell, etc., the integration of these methods not only bring the judges rich sensory experience, also provides the interpretation of the more interesting and interactive.

In order to ensure fairness, openness and fairness, each team is equipped with 7 professional judges, 1 timekeeper and 1 supervisor. The field demonstration of the competition enterprise, according to the order of the group of the group enterprises. According to the requirements of the rematch, the top 10 finalists will be selected and six winners will be awarded. The result of the match will be announced on the official website of jining innovation and entrepreneurship competition 3 working days after the match. Please pay attention to the timely query.

It is understood that according to the competition requirements, 2016 sales revenue of enterprises under 20 million will participate in the start-up competition, and enterprises with sales revenue of more than 20 million yuan can only participate in the growth enterprise group competition. In the early stage of the competition organizing committee office, the project leader who entered the competition was focused on the training work, and the contestants also revised and improved the project plan. On that day, 102 groups participated in the rematch, and 50 enterprises were returned to the growth group.

Site tidbits:

The production line of cutting wood floor, one machine contains 11 patents.

In the competition, shandong zhongxin machinery co., LTD., with LMAUTO intelligent cutting board production line, participated in the rematch of the startup group of this innovation and entrepreneurship competition. "Because traditional wooden floor processing machinery, can not meet the modern wood floor processing precision and efficiency, so we carried out this project research and development work." The relevant person in charge of the project juck introduction, this machine is the biggest advantage of energy saving, environmental protection, simple design, high precision, high efficiency, and gain 11 patents of utility model, the whole machine for a patent, inclusion within 10 patents.

Juck is introduced, at the scene of the rematch with only 1 labor personnel can operation greatly save the human resources, compared with the traditional wood processing machinery for 5 to 6 times of productivity, become the advantages of the project to attract the judges.

"The project has the four innovations of precise and efficient vibration positioning technology, one-button start-up visualization adjustment technology, fast and convenient transmission technology and safe and stable lifting technology." Juck said, with a small amount of labor to create a large number of productivity, make product extension, fully realize the intelligent production, through continuous innovation, and convert the kinetic energy, the capacity, human and environmental advantage developed into three major growth point of the project.

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