Packaging - Is Part Of The Product

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Product packaging design innovation can be structural and decorative design from two aspects to performance. For example, in the structural design, by changing the box body, lid, box bottom shape, etc., so that the packaging box has a better visual effect on the shelf. In the decorative design, the use of different colors and aesthetic characteristics of the pattern to attract the attention of consumers.

Structural design and decorative design are the two most important parts of product packaging design. If the box designer can skillfully combine the two together to achieve the perfect combination of effects, it will be more effective to make the box stand out, giving the product a new meaning, so as to obtain a good market response.


As shown in the folding paper box. In the structural design, the use of collaborative exclusive Offset printing technology, the perfect presentation of the color effect of the pattern, enhance the texture of the box, improve product quality, thereby enhancing customer confidence in the purchase.

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