Notices Of Gift Packaging

- Jun 23, 2018 -

Gifts generally need excellent packaging. Good packaging can make the gifts go up one level and give the recipient a better impression. Therefore, packaging is very important. The packaging should be consistent with the style of the gift and the recipient.

1. The matching index with the recipient

If you understand each other's preferences, you will immediately know how to package, how to match the decoration. For those who like cute patterns, cute patterned wrapping paper and ribbons can be used. For people who like waterdrop patterns, there are waterdrop patterns for wrapping paper. For those who like small animal patterns, cartoon pattern wrapping paper can be used. Gift Network Reminder: Use the pattern that the other person likes to package. The recipient will know at a glance that you have sent him (she) a very favorite gift.

2. Matching index with gifts

For fragile items such as glass and tableware, cushioning materials are required. In order to ensure that the cake does not deform, it can be placed in an easy-to-carry tray. In addition, if the inside of the package does not match the size of the package, it will leave a strange impression. Therefore, choosing the packaging and cushioning materials that are paired with the gift is the basic requirement for giving gifts. Taking a little time to seriously package the gifts will make the other party feel that you are prepared with the intention. Designing a customized generation gift table is a personalized requirement

Custom designed gift boxes are usually issued on certain occasions, with a certain degree of specificity. As a professional gift design, it is “a rare and precious thing”. Custom gifts are creative and can reflect personality and self-worth very well. For users, professional gift design customization* is an important two features that are personality and quality.

3, design custom gift box with personality

This is an important sign that distinguishes a custom gift box from other gifts. Designing a custom gift is made to give a certain group of gifts and it is not available on the market, and professional gift boxes are designed to express a variety of individualized ways of expression, whether it is a name, Adding blessings or photos will not only be an ornamental and practical feature, but will also involve emotions. A wide range of custom gifts will be available, including electronic products, office supplies, and household items.

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