Loss Of Paper Bag Making Process

- Jan 16, 2018 -

In the process of making paper bags, we usually need to go through the previous printing process and the later process of paper bags, so that we can get a lot of losses in the process. In order to ensure the number of handheld paper bags, the loss is often taken into account when the paper is initially customized.


The probability of material loss and process loss of different bags is also different. When we first confirm, we should consider that when the initial order is made, the number will be confirmed. Of course, in order to ensure the amount of big goods as much as possible, there is often a little more, and it will be found that there will be a lot of paper bags after completion. These extra bags less a few shijibai, more than a thousand. These customers can choose or do not, but we are not forced. We would rather have some material and artificial, and do not let the customers do not have the unnecessary trouble because of the shortage of big goods.

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