How To Make A Gift Box?

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Whether it is a birthday or holiday, or a lot of people will give gifts as a blessing, will be the way the help of packaging in the mall to buy gifts, but if it is a gift made by yourself, how could process more elegant more presentable? Today is how to teach a simple make the gift box.


A beautiful square paper

Silk ribbon



1.Take a square piece of paper and fold it two times to form a square.


2.Open a square and press down at one side of the square for the middle line.


3.Form a triangle like this.


4.The other side of the square is also operated to form a triangle.


5.Then the left corner of the triangle is tilted to the right.


6.Then turn back at the edge.


7.Then fold in more parts.


8.Then the right is operated on the left to form such a shape.


9.And then the back is the same operation. Form such a shape.


10.Fold the triangles at the top and fold out the traces at the bottom.


11.And then spread out the whole.


12.The sides of the sides are slightly recessed into the middle.


13.And then put the two sides together.


14.Use scissors to poke a hole in the middle and back to the middle.


15.And then wear it with a ribbon.


16.Finally, make a bow, a simple and beautiful gift box will be finished.


Matters needing attention:

●Because it is used to make gift boxes, so the paper try to choose beautiful, not too casual paper.

●Be careful when using scissors to handle Oh.

●It is more beautiful to pay attention to symmetry when it is folded.

●The size of the square paper selected depends on the size of the gift box.

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