How To Distinguish The Quality Of Paper Bag Printing

- Jan 24, 2018 -

A colorful hand-held paper bag and printed color are inseparable, so how to distinguish the quality of paper bag printing?

First, the quality of paper bag printing can be judged from the following aspects.

1. There is no color difference between the printed paper bag and the various typefaces and patterns on the sample paper bag.

2. Whether the material of paper bag and the material of the sample paper bag are the same.

3. Whether the ink has the flow paint and the thickness is too thick.

4. The pattern on the printed paper bag has no heavy shadow and blurred, and the position and size of the pattern are correct. The color, location, size, and font of the font are the same.

5, if the color is close, if the gaps of various colors are very large, it will affect the overall beauty of the paper bag.

Two, the difference between all kinds of paper. Paper bag printing can be distinguished from the texture, size and performance of paper, and the paper used in different industries has different executive standards.

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