How To Distinguish The Quality Of Paper Bag Printing

- Jan 20, 2018 -

The good or bad of the printing effect can completely determine the overall texture and effect of a paper bag. A poor printed paper bag, a good workmanship, will not be felt. Because the printing is equivalent to the coat, and the work is equivalent to the inner beauty. It is the print and design of the paper bag at the beginning. The design is good or bad for each person's aesthetic concept, which can not be generalizations. But if there is a problem in the printing process, how do we change it to find it?

Before the paper bag printing, we will confirm the design effect map or the sample with the customer. Then, when we get the finished product, we first need to confirm whether the paper bag is consistent with the various fonts on the sample, whether the color of the pattern is chromatic aberration. Secondly, the thickness of the paper is the same as that of the material in the case of the sample. The most important thing is to see whether the printed patterns are in heavy shadow and blurred. The position and size of the pattern are correct. This is very careful to observe.

At the end of the work, we should also pay attention to whether there is any spilled glue. Take something to do the test to see if the paper bag will take off and remove the bottom. These are some of the tips for testing, and you are also welcome to test the products made by three paper bags.

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