How To Choose The Paper Of Paper Shopping Bag?

- Jan 05, 2018 -

For many customers who make paper bags for the first time, have some concerns on the choice of paper? So what should we choose paper for paper shopping bag ?

The paper bags are mainly made of white cardboard, kraft paper, black paper, copper paper and special paper.

1., the advantages of white cardboard are: solid, durable, good smoothness. The printed color is very rich and full. Paper bags usually use 210-300 grams of white cardboard, and most of them are 230 grams of white cardboard.

2. the material features of the paper: the whiteness and glossiness are all very good, the printing can make the picture and the picture three-dimensional sense, but its firmness is not compared with the white paper. The thickness of the paper bag used in the paper is 128-300 grams.

3.. Kraft paper advantages: high toughness, not easy to tear, kraft paper is generally suitable for printing some monochrome or color not rich double color paper bags. The commonly used size is: 120-300 grams

The advantages of 4.. Black cardboard: solid and durable, color is black, because black paper itself is black, its biggest drawback is not color, but can be used for hot stamping, silver process.

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