How To Choose The Material Of The Gift Box

- Jan 17, 2018 -

In the selection of high-grade gift box, paper container still occupies the primary position. The proportion of cortex, wood, plastic and metal materials has increased, and natural materials such as bamboo, willow and grass are still less used. For some of the high-end gifts and wood as the outer packaging materials, flashing its natural and civilized temperament. Take a red wine box as an example. In the wine package plan when based on the characteristics of village and reflect the dense wine culture, wine in the packing box plan uses many wood materials to manufacture wine packaging box, and joined the red wine bottle with straw raw material in foil matte box wine. Red wine reflects the characteristics of dense village civilization out. Do the wine package plan and wine harmonious civilization together.

The paper carton container has certain advantages, according to the gift of different level, there is also the difference between the selection of materials: 1, low grade gift packaging carton: A, with more than 350 grams of white board printing, die forming. B, a little more upscale with 300 grams of white cardboard pasted into paper card printing, laminating and die-cutting again. 2, mid-range gift packaging carton: print face selection of 250 grams - 300 grams of aluminum foil and cardboard and 300 grams of white paper board to paste card, printing film and then die cutting.


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