How To Choose The Color Of The Gift Box?

- Mar 02, 2018 -

Now the box is more delicate and beautiful, so the process and requirements of color gift box packing also has changed a lot, first of all to work fine, again the color should be diverse, usually a style gift box not only has 4 basic colors and color, gold, silver for the spot.

Color packaging gift box is the key, the choice of color ribbon, gold and silver are all-match color; several double bow overlap, with gold or silver backing is beautiful. When the ribbon is also matched with the color of the wrapping paper, the color of the gift box is used as far as possible on the wrapping paper, and the selection of the same color system is also possible. If the wrapping paper is purple, the ribbon can be purple and blue.

Streamers beautiful clothes everywhere in the colorful, exquisite color, fragrance, taste a whole era, ribbons also quietly on the festive gift packaging, birthdays and other special days, beautiful gifts friends escort is to let people in the busy too busy to attend to all, on the streets, all kinds of small things the ribbon made to make your life easier, a beautiful souvenir ribbon in an impressive and easy to others, which brings a surprise to you again!


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