How To Choose The Color Of Gift Paper Box Design

- May 24, 2018 -

A market survey in the United Kingdom showed that when customers choose products, the goods purchased due to the exquisite packaging box are usually more than 45% of the budget, which indicates that the design of the box is very attractive. Color is the visual information symbol that is most sensitive to visual stimuli and has the fastest response in all visual elements of human body. Color plays a decisive role in the design of the box. Then how to choose the color of the product packaging box design.

First of all, the color classification of packaging box: color can be divided into primary color, inter-color, complex color, complementary color four categories. Its three elements include hue, purity, and lightness. Various elements have different attributes and meanings. Hue refers to the appearance characteristics of colors and their differences. The basic hue includes red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and violet, and their wavelengths are different. The effects on the human retina make people feel different colors, among which the red, orange, and yellow light wavelengths are relatively large. Human vision has a strong impact, while blue, green, and violet light have smaller wavelengths and weaker impact. Hue can reflect the inherent color and warmth of things. Purity is a qualitative indicator of color in terms of quality. Brightness refers to the amount of light that stimulates the human eye. Faced with different colors, people will have different psychological reactions such as cold and warm, light and dark, light and heavy, strong and weak, far and near, and expansion and contraction.

Secondly, the color design of the product packaging should be compatible with the attributes of the product: color design should enable consumers to think of the characteristics and performance of the product. What needs to be emphasized is that regardless of the color, the basic starting point should be to match the contents of the goods. According to the color of the product packaging, consumers can think of the packaging of goods. For example, green tea boxes can reflect green tea such as Biluochun, and red tea boxes can reflect black tea. If this practice is violated, consumers may be misled, which is detrimental to the sale of goods. The use of image color should follow the principle of proper and vivid image.

In the end, how to use colors: Generally, the red tone implies passion, passionateness, and unrestrainedness. It is mostly used in cosmetics and food. The blue tone is calm, cool and cool. It can be used in swimwear, water sports equipment, cold drinks, summer vests, fans, refrigerators, etc. Calling blue hardware machinery and electrical appliances can also give people a fresh feeling. In addition, hospital hygiene supplies can also be used blue tone; Purple tone noble, elegant, mysterious, often used in senior cosmetics, jewelry, gifts; yellow tone Pleasant, lively and prosperous, used to package textiles will make people feel warmer. However, it needs to be pointed out that the use of image color is not old-fashioned imprisonment and sticks to conventions. If it can adapt to local conditions and be flexible and innovative, it may bounce back to new ideas and receive unexpectedly good results. For example, using blue tints to package moon cake foods, consumers are reminded of the beauty of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the desire to purchase and eat mooncakes.

In the final analysis, product packaging should be able to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers and express the emotional voice of consumers. Only by embodying and inducing the good feelings of the consumers with colors can it stimulate their desire to buy.

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