Gift Box Design Of The Three Major Components

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Packaging is the brand concept, product characteristics, a comprehensive reflection of consumer psychology, which directly affects the consumer's desire to buy goods. Little India convinced that packaging is based on the effective means of product and consumer affinity. Today's economic globalization, packaging and products have been integrated. Packaging, as a means to realize the value of goods and value, plays an extremely important role in the fields of production, circulation, sales and consumption. Is an important issue that both producers and consumers have to pay attention to. The function of the package is to protect the product, convey the product information, facilitate the use, facilitate the transportation, promote the sale, and enhance the added value of the product. Gift box design as a comprehensive discipline, with a combination of goods and art of duality.

Gift box design of the three major elements

1, the packaging design refers to the selection of suitable packaging materials, the use of clever techniques for the packaging of goods container structure modeling and packaging landscaping decorative design. From which you can see the packaging design of the three major elements.

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2, shape elements is the shape of the packaging surface, including the display surface size, size and shape. We see in daily life, there are three forms, that is, natural form, artificial form and occasional form. However, when we study the morphological composition of products, we must find a suitable form of any nature, that is, the common law of things abstraction, called the abstract form. We know that the form of composition is the shape of elements, or call it a morphological element, that is, with a certain method, the rules constitute a variety of ever-changing forms. Form is composed of point, line, surface, body of these elements. Packaging forms are: cylinder type, the type of cuboid, cone and all kinds of body and the combination of the body and due to different cutting forms of various forms of packaging form the novelty of the consumer's visual guidance is very important The role of strange visual form can give consumers a deep impression. Packaging designers must be familiar with 

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3, the characteristics of morphological elements and their facial expressions, and as a manifestation of beauty material.When we consider the shape of the gift box design elements, but also from the perspective of the formal beauty of the law to recognize it. In accordance with the principles of the beauty of the form of packaging design combined with the characteristics of the product's own functions, all kinds of factors will be organically and naturally combined in order to achieve a perfect unity of the design image.

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