German Media: Made In China Into The German Shopping Bag Has Become The Norm.

- Feb 11, 2018 -

On October 27, German news website article, although there is still a negative image, but Germany quality association "Innofact" survey and market research institutions, according to the results of the "made in China" in Germany, popularity is better than its reputation. Only 11% of German consumers reject Chinese products.

"Made in China" into the German shopping bag has become the norm. Among them, electronic products are particularly popular. Fifty percent of germans have bought a Chinese brand of smartphones, computers or cameras, of which 70 percent are thumb up. Chinese appliances are also increasingly appearing in German kitchens. More than half of those surveyed said they would like to buy Chinese kitchen utensils. Shockingly, the younger generation has a higher sense of identity. Among 18 - to 29-year-olds, 82 per cent are already made in China.

While most germans are buying chinese-made goods, only 4 per cent of respondents have no negative impression of Chinese manufacturing. The respondents' negative impression of Chinese manufacturing mainly includes: lack of brand reputation (60%), quality to be improved (57%) and lack of recognition (50%). "" made in China 2025" strategy has made clear that made in China will no longer be the mass manufacturing of cheap goods, but represents a innovative and high quality ", the German quality association executive director Christopher · champion, says made in China have extensive customer base in Germany, the plan will succeed. In the process of Chinese manufacturing, German manufacturing should be better suited to cooperation than confrontation.

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