Development Of Gift Packaging

- Jun 23, 2018 -

The packaging of products is an old and modern topic. It is also a topic that people study and explore from beginning to end. From primitive primitive societies and farming times to modern society with advanced science and technology, packaging has evolved with the evolution of mankind, the appearance of goods, the development of production, and the advancement of science and technology, and has continuously undergone major breakthroughs. On the whole, the external form of packaging everything is packaging, but there is no high-grade packaging as a form of packaging is it just to protect products in the circulation process?

The history of human use of packaging can be traced back to ancient times. As early as the late 10,000-year-old primitive society, with the improvement of production technology, production was developed. With the remaining items to be stored and exchanged, the original packaging began to appear. At the beginning, people got bundled with vines and wrapped them with plants' leaves, shells, and hides. This was the embryonic development of the original packaging. Later, with the improvement of labor skills, people make the most primitive baskets and baskets with plant fibers, and use fire to calcine stones and mud to make clay pots, mud bowls, and mud pots for holding and preserving foods, drinks, and other items. The convenience of transportation, storage and storage of packaging has been improved. This is the ancient packaging, the original packaging. The value of high-grade packaging boxes is not only to facilitate storage and transportation, but also to promote sales. Containers that are used according to a certain technical method, due to the rapid development of industrial production, especially the European industrial revolution in the 19th century, have greatly promoted the development of the packaging industry. It laid the foundation for the emergence and establishment of modern packaging industry and high-end packaging technology.

From the beginning of the development of packaging, to the research of technology, and to the vastness of the packaging function today, high-grade packaging boxes have been popular since the 19th century. However, the packaging technology or the materials and processes have undergone great changes from today. The use of Kudzu, shells, baskets, baskets, and cartons and wooden box packaging to the present is all a reflection of the progress of human civilization and the development of science and technology in the era.

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