Advantages Of Non-woven Shopping Bags

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Non-woven shopping bags are new products instead of white rubbish. With the increase of new energy, relevant departments advocate environmental protection and energy saving while environmental pollution is getting worse. In order to get rid of this white pollution and make our life better, many of them have environmental awareness Of people think of new products - non-woven bags, and its advantages are obvious to all.

Textile shopping bags are non-woven fabrics made of plastic, many people think that cloth is a natural material, in fact, is a misunderstanding. Stitch knitting non-woven bag is a kind of dry non-woven fabric, stitch knitting method is to use warp knitting structure of the fabric, yarn layer, non-woven material (such as plastic sheet, plastic foil, etc.) or their The combination is reinforced to make a non-woven fabric. Commonly used raw materials for non-woven polypropylene (referred to as PP, commonly known as polypropylene) non-woven bags or polyethylene terephthalate (English referred to as PET, commonly known as polyester), environmental protection and ordinary plastic shopping bags, also Can not be completely degraded. Speaking from the specific cost-effective, under the same conditions, the strength of non-woven bags than plastic bags, but not waterproof, its price is several times higher than plastic bags.

Acupuncture non-woven bags: is a dry non-woven, non-woven acupuncture needle is the use of puncturing needle, the fluffy web reinforcement into cloth. In particular, PP, like PE used in plastic shopping bags, belongs to the five general-purpose plastic varieties and belongs to the plastic varieties that can not be degraded in 50 years.

The production costs of non-woven bags mainly include two departments, one is the cost of raw materials, and the other is the processing cost of the bag. In the market conditions can buy non-woven fabrics its specifications are very large, but the cost is not the same. Spunlaced non-woven bags: is a high-pressure micro-jet flow to one or more layers of fiber network, so that the fibers intertwined with each other, so that the network can be reinforced and have a certain strength. Heat-bonded non-woven bags: refers to the fiber network or powdery hot-melt adhesive reinforcement material, the network and then heated to melt cooling reinforcement cloth.

Non-woven bags are environmentally friendly products, is a more common type of bags, mainly for shopping, packaging, advertising, electronics, clothing, decoration and other products. Non-woven is the most important feature of its plastic products do not have the environmental performance, its natural degradation time is much lower than plastic bags, therefore, the use of non-woven made of non-woven bags are also known as the most economical Green shopping bag.

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