Why did the packaging paper bags for electronic products solidify in just 4 years?

- Oct 13, 2018 -

Since the beginning of 2014, electronic products have begun to emit very strong development potential, and it has indeed achieved this effect. Many packaging factories are busy with more and more paper bags to customize the list, but in the past few years, various aspects The factors made the electronic packaging paper bag industry gradually stabilize, and began to move from a state of arbitrage to a unified consensus, but this is a very rare in the industry in a few short years, to know the industries like cosmetics, tea, etc. Handbags, in order to make a difference, the designers of various businesses are also unique, like the cosmetics industry has not yet stabilized, diversification still dominates the mainstream of their industry's handbags, today Just share with you why the electronic packaging paper bag industry can stabilize so quickly and quickly on the production of handbags.

1. The age of consumption in the electronic packaging paper bag industry, the uniformity of aesthetics, in addition to mobile phone products, other consumer groups, most of the consumer groups are relatively professional, and the understanding of the product is better than any outer packaging. No matter whether it is the packaging box of electronic products or the packaging paper bags of electronic products, they are basically the same. Their only requirements are basically unified. As long as they are stable enough, the sense of technology is almost the same, while the consumers of other mobile phone products, they are packaging electronic products. The requirements for paper bags only need to look good, because they don't understand this aspect. As long as it is not particularly bad, the appearance is still acceptable. This makes the consumers of mobile phone products actually attach to the former. So there is no big difference.

2. The state’s crackdown on this professional and technical level of cottage products has made many handbags that have no way to produce a large number of cottage goods to be mixed with natural cottages, and there is no market, 80% of electronic product packaging paper bags. It is the authenticity of the merchants themselves. This is the fruit of the protection of intellectual property rights. It is also a powerful boost to the stable development of the whole industry. Compared with the repeated prohibition, the cottage cosmetics that have not changed repeatedly, the cost is low, and the profit space explosion attracts. The force is naturally not so high.

3. Slowly being led by a leading brand, each industry that directly uses consumers to use goods has one or several of the largest leading brands, whether their products are packaging or products. There will be their own characteristics, and other small and medium-sized enterprises under them will imitate their ideas. Of course, each will have its own characteristics, but this kind of follow-up operation is to make the overall trend tend to be unified or even single. Structure.

The above is just the reason why the industry design of the electronic packaging paper bag industry is basically the same and the stability is one of the reasons for this amazing speed, but this does not mean that diversity and change will not come again, just like the meal In the industry, before McDonald's KFC, how can a fast food restaurant use kraft paper for packaging materials? The truth is the same. When things develop to a certain stage, changes will occur, but stability before change is inevitable.

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