Where was the green shopping bag invented?

- Mar 10, 2018 -

In the developed countries of Europe and the United States, most supermarkets do not provide free plastic bags for consumers, and many people who travel abroad have an early experience. This is not in the form of a government regulation, but in many supermarkets. People shopping is bringing more handbags, even someone carrying a big bag to go shopping, filled with a large package of things, carry a big double shoulder bag walking home, car is not opened, and serious environmental pacesetter. Some supermarkets even plastic bottled water will charge you more euros, MAO if you drink can be empty bottles in return for your hand in the bottle, the supermarket is to use this method to better ensure that waste recycling.

In April 2007, San Francisco became the first city in the world to ban plastic bags in supermarkets and pharmacies, and the first city to introduce legislation. The law stipulates that supermarkets and pharmacies can only provide customers with paper bags, cloth bags or biodegradable plastic bags made from corn byproducts. San Francisco USES more than 180 million plastic bags a year, and is expected to save about 1.7 million liters of crude oil and about 1,400 tons of garbage a year if the city is banned.

Beautiful green bags will be popular.

The heatwave, temperature is 50 ℃, heat to the egg can be cooked; For the first time in more than 80 years in Argentina, it snowed. The Antarctic icebergs are disappearing, and emperor penguins are homeless, and it's hard to find a healthy, fat polar bear to make a coke AD. Everyone realized that the earth was really sick! Everyone started to fix it. In the former vice President al gore has a "reluctant to face the truth, everyone seems to thoroughly know the truth, all over the world for the sake of environmental protection and listening to music on the British designer Anya Hindmarch) environmental protection bags sold to the man on the!

Starts from London fashion week in February 2008, runway and various kinds of fashion magazines began to frequent the cover of the cotton quality environmental protection shopping bag, many entertainment fashion stars also physically to back it.

In French designer Christian Lacroix autumn/winter fashion show, a naked woman holding a "I'd rather naked than wear fur" slogan into power, to protest against the use of animal skins in fashion, environmental protection instantly became the tide

Beautiful green shopping bag.

There was a big invasion of fashion. It seems that hermes also has a green shopping bag made of silks and cowhide to make the size of a silver bag. Another British designer, Stella McCartney, has also introduced a foldable canvas shopping bag, which is too expensive to be widely used.

Non-woven bag expert, promote environmental protection with business model, let environmental protection take a sustainable road.

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