What are the environmental requirements of paper bag printing ink?

- Jan 28, 2018 -

With the increasing demand for food safety and environmental protection, the printing of oil-proof paper bags has been increasing. It can be said that the environmental ink is the future paper bag printing development must first consider the problem.

Ink is one of the important materials used in packaging printing, it will by printing patterns, words in ink on the substrates and auxiliary components, including of the main ingredients in them evenly mixed and after repeated rolling into a kind of colloidal fluid with viscosity. It consists of pigment, binders and auxiliaries. Used for books, packaging, architectural decoration and other printing. With the increase of social demand, ink varieties and output also expand and increase correspondingly.

As for environmental requirements:

1) do not use dry and fast ink;

2) replace the deteriorated ink (i.e., poor liquidity and good liquidity

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