What are the classification of packaging materials?

- Dec 21, 2017 -

(1) packaging of paper and paper products. In modern society, most of the packaging materials are paper and paper products, the amount of which accounts for about 40% of the whole packaging material. The commonly used glass paper, kraft paper, vegetable parchment, asphalt paper, paper, paperboard and corrugated boxes, paper etc..

The points are light, tasteless, non-toxic, good hygiene, suitable strength, easy to bind and print, convenient for mechanically produced production, no pollution, easy to get materials, and low price. The disadvantage is the low tear strength, easy deformation, the form of paper packaging cartons, corrugated boxes, cartons, paper bags, carton, paper tube, paper cups, paper tray, pulp mold packaging etc..

(2) packaging of raw materials. The packaging of the new materials refers to the packaging of various kinds of materials. This material is commonly used plastic polyethylene and polypropylene, PVC, polystyrene, polyester etc.. Plastic packaging has a lightweight, transparent, different strength and elasticity, folding and convenient sealing, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti leakage, easy molding, plasticity and good air tightness, shockproof, anti pressure, anti collision, impact resistance, good chemical stability, easy coloring, printing, low cost etc.. But plastic is difficult to degrade, and it is easy to cause environmental pollution. The main forms of its packaging are plastic barrel, plastic hose, plastic box, plastic bottle, plastic film and plastic woven bag.

(3) packing of wood products. Wood is a packing material used earlier. It is characterized by high strength, firmness, pressure resistance, impact resistance, stable chemical and physical properties, easy processing, and no pollution to the environment. It is a commonly used packaging material for large and heavy commodities. The main forms of wood packaging are: wooden cases, wooden barrels, wood shafts, wooden boxes, wood splints, fiber cartons, plywood paper, pallets and so on. Other materials are now replaced by less sources of wood.

(4) packaging of metal products. The commonly used metals include black skin, iron, steel, aluminum, aluminum, aluminum and so on. Its characteristics are: strong strong, resistant to collision, air permeability, water permeability, compression, good mechanical strength. They are mainly metal barrel, metal box, tin cans, metal hose, oil tank, steel cylinder, etc., which are mainly used for packaging of machinery, liquid, powder, paste and other commodities.

(5) packaging of glass products. Glass is an inorganic silicate product, mainly using acid resistant glass bottle and acid resistant ceramic bottle to pack the goods. 

The characteristics are: transparent, clean, beautiful, good mechanical and chemical stability, easy to seal, low price, multiple turnover and abundant resources. Glass packaging containers are common bottles, cans, cylinders, and so on. Glass packaging is widely used in the sale and packaging of liquor, beverages, canned products, condiments, medicines, cosmetics, chemical reagents and other commodities.

(6) fiber fabric packing. Fabric packaging mainly to trees, bamboo, wicker baskets, baskets, boxes, straw mats, straw bags, with local materials, low cost, good ventilation advantages, suitable for packaging of fresh goods, some local products and ceramic products etc..

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