Use of Non-woven shopping bags

- Oct 30, 2017 -

Non-woven bag: Once as a member of the "Plastic Bag Reduction Alliance", in the government to the relevant departments to reduce the use of plastic bags have been used Non-woven bags, the 2012 government officially promulgated the "Ban Plastic order" Non-woven bag rapid popularization, but with 2012 years of use of the situation found a lot of problems:

1. Many enterprises in order to reduce costs in the Non-woven bag printed on the pattern of ink on the human body has a great harm, about environmental protection bag printing has been in the environmental protection once I said in other topics.

2. A large number of non-woven bag distribution makes some home non-woven bags faster than plastic bags, use is a waste of resources

3. Non-woven fabric from the texture he is not environmentally friendly, because it is the same as the composition of plastic bags are polypropylene and polyethylene is very difficult to degrade, the reason to promote it said he is environmentally friendly because of its thickness than

High plastic bag, toughness is conducive to repeated use, can be recycled re-use of this bag is not very strong for the company and also want to promote environmental protection as a substitute for the former plastic bags and paper bags, exhibitions, activities to promote free distribution is also very practical, of course, the effect is and their own production style and quality is proportional to, It's too bad to be careful when someone uses it as a garbage bag.

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