The importance of paper bag cotton cord

- Feb 07, 2018 -

The main purpose of paper bags is to make it easier for people to carry goods.

Cotton rope is everywhere, such as clothing shopping bags, clothing packaging boxes, plastic packaging boxes, fashion packaging, shoelaces and so on, pingyang harmonious weaving factory from the life details, makeup life interest.Handbag cotton cord, hand pull rope is not only the essential collocation of goods, but also can bring the actual convenience to the customer, is the essential item in our life.


A paper bag is indispensable to handle.Bag of cotton rope, arm in arm cotton rope following the fashion trends, more colorful, and on the material into polypropylene ornament, gold and so on, on the design of the fine point lay the whole design style and taste, ideas are small, but in the integral collocation of objects, occupy the important position, let these seemingly ordinary cotton rope has become more attractive, and put those ordinary bags look particularly attractive.

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