The danger of plastic bags.

- Sep 02, 2018 -

1. Destroy immunity. Some plastic bags and paper lunch boxes add some whitening agents and phosphors, which, in addition to being potentially carcinogenic, can damage the body's immunity.

2, causing blood system diseases. Polyvinyl chloride contained in non-food plastic bags, after heating at high temperatures, is prone to harmful substances such as dioxins, causing liver and kidney and central nervous system and blood system diseases.

3, carcinogenic. The plastic bag for food is mostly made of polyethylene. As long as it is less than 110 degrees Celsius, it is not easy to decompose. Therefore, when the temperature is not more than 100 degrees Celsius, it is generally no problem. However, fried foods such as fritters that have just been out of the pan, the temperature far exceeds the temperature tolerance of the food bag, which may lead to the production of harmful substances. Light may be dizzy, nausea, but may be carcinogenic.

4, leading to gallbladder, kidney stones. Unqualified plastic bags contain industrial calcium carbonate and paraffin. Calcium carbonate can cause constipation or gallstones and kidney stones; paraffin wax can cause diarrhea.

5. Affecting intelligence. If the heavy metal in the plastic bag exceeds the standard, it will affect the blood system and mental development.

The annual output of plastics in the world is 100 million tons. If the annual waste of plastics is 15%, the annual plastic waste in the world is 15 million tons. The annual plastic waste in China is over 1 million tons. Waste plastics are in the garbage. The proportion is 40%, so that a large amount of discarded plastic is buried underground as garbage, which will undoubtedly bring more pressure to the arable land that is already lacking.

At present, many countries have adopted waste incineration (thermal energy regeneration) or reprocessing (product regeneration) to dispose of waste plastics. These two methods enable the recycling of waste plastics and save resources. However, since waste plastics generate harmful gases and pollute the environment during incineration or reprocessing, it can be said that the disposal of waste plastics is still a major headache in environmental protection work.

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