Small knowledge of cowhide paper bag

- Jan 05, 2018 -

2 kinds of paper bag, individual peritoneum paper bag and non peritoneal paper bag

The paper bag has a plastic coating on the outside, which looks better than the top, waterproof, and paper bag, so the paper bag is very expensive.

No peritoneal bag, kraft paper bag paper bag manufacturing this kind of commonly used control generally, kraft paper bearing control. The price is cheap.

Often buy paper bag time will think that the paper bag is thicker, the better, the thick is good, such misunderstandings.


There are 2 kinds of kraft paper, kraft paper (the first domestic non wood pulp kraft paper) in the paper when mixed with certain proportion of waste paper pulp, kraft paper bearing this control difference also absolute difference, do so in the bag when individual will be used to control a thick paper, the original paper used 200 individual 250 grams, so the control of thick kraft paper bag is made of kraft paper as base paper.

There is a wood pulp, kraft paper, wood pulp paper 100%, when free of any waste, characteristics of this paper, and wood fiber weft tension control of the paper, this paper to the price of the non wood pulp kraft paper is about twice as expensive, although not yet thick paper bearing very good, so when individual making paper bags used 100-125 grams of paper has been able to, the individual to export mainly kraft paper.

White kraft paper whether domestic or export are 100% wood pulp kraft paper, and the waste can be done without red, white kraft paper at the price is 10500 (ten thousand and five hundred yuan) a ton, so white kraft paper bag kraft paper bag is in absolute control of your bag.

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