Market survey of Non-woven bags for environmental protection

- Oct 30, 2017 -

Non-woven bag is "popular" in the major shopping malls and supermarkets in Shenzhen, business sales or free gift of environmental protection shopping bags of different colors, thickness varies, the species also up to dozens of kinds. Yesterday, in Huaqiang North Subway shopping mall, a specialized plastic packaging bag business told reporters, recently deliberately increased the number of non-woven bags of environmental protection.

In the Sungang market a franchise plastic packaging bag owner told reporters, the current market sales of environmental protection bags are made of a non-woven fabric, can be used often, more environmentally friendly. Restrictions on the introduction of plastic, but also make some ordinary plastic bag production and marketing to seek a transformation to respond to market changes. A large-scale environmental bag manufacturer told reporters that the 1999 national Non-woven production line has only 20, now has developed to 300. Shenzhen Textile Industry Association in charge of the introduction of "Plastic limit order" to the development of Non-woven fabrics industry has brought business opportunities, many enterprises have been widely associated with other textile, plastic industry manufacturers, through the existing channels and the purchase and sale of relations, full production of environmental bags into the consumer market.

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