Little knowledge of printing

- Jan 28, 2018 -

In the process of printing and making and ordering the paper bags, we communicate with people who are unfamiliar with many technical terms, and we can't understand them. Today we are going to talk about some common little knowledge.

Open number: the so-called open number can be cut into several pieces, for example, the paper of 8 is the full width of 1/8 (to cut three times). Selected paper size, the design before you because of the printing machine can only use a few paper (usually the full open, chrysanthemum full open), once again after the printing machine cut into the required size, so it's ok not to use the table outside the special specifications, in order to avoid paper printing and waste of space.

"Transfer" is a very important concept and unit, in flat printing, how much a book to use "zhang zhi3 ah, I have to do this batch of books, how much to buy back the paper printing, all related to image, don't know the printed copies, can't calculate the cost. "Printing" is the "number of printing paper" or "printing paper number", which means "printing paper quantity".

What is the size and size of the "zhang" in "zhang", and how much paper does it take to print a book? "Printing number" is a folio size for the unit, therefore, a split is a printed sheet, (split = 1 to transfer, you need to remember oh), then fully open paper = 2 split, so fully open up the printed sheets is 2, and 4 are split in half, so open up the printed sheets is 0.5 4, 8 is split open, about a quarter of the transfer is 0.25, 16 to open up the printed sheets is 0.125, 32 open up the printed sheets is 0.0625, etc.

"Gravity" here is "gram heavy", is 1 square metre of paper weight. We often hear the customer when ordering carrier bags require said "I want 80 grams of offset paper", "I want 200 grams of coated paper", "I want 250 grams of white cardboard" and so on different grams and varieties of paper. The paper is divided into a lot of grams, varieties, the paper of the same breed has different grams, their thickness is different, the printing performance also has the distinction, not to mention the different varieties. There are many varieties of paper, but there are not many commonly used, and you will know more about them in the future.

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