How to distinguish the true and false of Non-woven bag

- Oct 30, 2017 -

In fact, when shopping in supermarkets to provide non-woven bag environmental bags are environmentally friendly bags, how to differentiate? As long as we put the empty bags into the water, the sink is environmentally friendly bags. If it's not sinking, it's not really a green bag. and environmental bags play an important role in daily life, performance in:

Support for environmental protection bags can only partly reduce white pollution, the real root cause of education, the fight against the source of white pollution is a good solution. This problem, we can first come to understand the following: non-environmental protection bags harm. Although the environmental protection bag brings many conveniences to the public, but on the other hand it pollutes the environment, some non environmental bags can not be used for food, which can not underestimate the health of the human body harm. Medical experts pointed out that food, especially deli, with the use of environmentally-friendly bag packaging, often perishable, people eat this kind of spoiled food, easy to cause vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms of food poisoning. In addition, the plastic itself will release harmful gases, because in the long-term accumulation of sealed bags, concentration with the increase in sealing time, resulting in the food in the bag in different degrees of pollution, the impact on children's health development is particularly prominent. There is a great danger to the non environmental protection bags which are often used in the stalls. It is made from recycled waste plastic products, the harm to the human body is enormous, can not be used to install direct food; In addition, can not use PVC plastic products containing alcoholic food, oily food, otherwise the lead in the bag will be dissolved into the food, and this is not environmentally friendly bags can not put the temperature above 50°c food.

To sum up, Non-woven bag factory production Non-woven bags or a big role, as long as I usually pay attention to the use of green environmental protection will bring you a warm living environment.

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