How to choose the paper and the size of the paper bag?

- Jan 05, 2018 -

 When the customer inquiries,how the paper and size of paper bags are chosen. Zhejiang Zhimei today to tell you about the material and size of the custom paper bag.


Paper bags are generally suitable for what materials: paper bags are mainly made of white cardboard, kraft paper, black paper, copper paper and special paper. 1., the advantages of white cardboard are: solid, durable, good smoothness. The printed color is very rich and full. Paper bags usually use 210-300 grams of white cardboard, and most of them are 230 grams of white cardboard. 2. the material features of the paper: the whiteness and glossiness are all very good, the printing can make the picture and the picture three-dimensional sense, but its firmness is not compared with the white paper. The thickness of the paper bag used in the paper is 128-300 grams. 3.. Kraft paper advantages: high toughness, not easy to tear, kraft paper is generally suitable for printing some monochrome or color not rich double color paper bags. Used to size: 120-300 grams of black cardboard 4.. Advantages: solid and durable, color is black, because black paper itself is black, its biggest drawback is not color, but can be used for hot stamping, silver process.

What is our bag commonly used size usually chooses more, according to height * width * wall width, MM: 130*90*30, 150*100*30, 150*110*30, 190*135*50, 200*145*50, 200*150*50, 300*200*60, 320*230*60-70, 320*240*60-70, 390*290*60-80, 440*320*60-80, 450*340*60-80, 600*420*80-100, 650*450*80-100, 700*480*80-100, of course, you can also according to the characteristics of their own company the product design, the size of the other.

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