Classification of paper packaging of dangerous goods.

- Feb 08, 2018 -

With the development of packaging and increasing kinds of dangerous goods, have been used to the types of dangerous goods packaging has changed a lot, can be said to be various, breed is complex, this is due to adapt to the nature of the differences and different means of transportation of dangerous goods, such as a variety of different requirements and purpose, make the dangerous goods packaging design, material, packaging techniques, such as packaging form with diversification.

At present, there are a lot of classification methods for dangerous goods packaging, and there are certain scientific and practical applications. The main difference lies in the difference of the classification.

1, the carton

It is mainly used for the packaging of dangerous goods, mainly corrugated boxes, and more than five layers of corrugated board.For the collection of dangerous goods, such as inner glass bottles, small steel drums, cans or ceramic containers, etc.

It is suitable for dangerous goods, ammonium dichromate, lead nitrate and so on.

2. Multi-layer paper bags.

[main features] for dangerous goods packaging paper adopts multi-layer kraft paper is made with more, because of its surrounding can be completely sealed, it can effectively prevent dust and other things outside harmful substances with the pollution, and not be bound by, and appearance of dangerous goods, have stronger buffer and adaptability.Often used in bulk solid dangerous goods packaging.

It is suitable for the use of ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, barium nitrate, calcium oxide, oxalic acid, etc.

3. Composite paper can and paper barrel.

The composite paper can and bucket are containers made of paper, metal, plastic and other materials.The compound paper barrel used for the packaging of dangerous goods, coating asphalt or paraffin, can be obtained as an economic moisture-proof property, and it has good insulation.It is often used in the paper packing of dangerous goods which need to be insulated with paste or solid powder.

Paper bag packaging containers are often used in the packaging of dangerous goods because of their specific properties.Compared with other packaging containers, the paper bag container has better protection, its cushioning and damping performance is strong, the structure is close and seamless, and it can prevent dust and dust.At present, due to the adoption of many new technologies and the development of new varieties, the paper container has developed greatly in strength, stiffness and moisture resistance.

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