Classification of paper packaging for dangerous goods

- Jan 19, 2018 -

With the increasing development of packaging and categories of dangerous goods, dangerous goods packaging for species also has the very big change, can be said to be in various categories, species complex, which is due to adapt to the differences between the various properties of dangerous goods and different means of transport and other various requirements and objectives, and make the design, risk packaging materials, packaging techniques, packaging forms will diversify.

At present, there are many classification methods for dangerous goods packaging, which have certain scientific and practical characteristics. The main difference lies in the different focus of classification.

1. Carton

"The main features" for dangerous goods packaging cartons for corrugated boxes, make more than five layers of corrugated cardboard. Set used for packaging of dangerous goods, glass bottles, drums, small devices such as tank or ceramic containers etc..

"For dangerous goods", such as lead nitrate ammonium dichromate.

2, multi-layer paper bag

"The main features" for dangerous goods packaging bag used for multilayer kraft paper, because of its surrounding can be completely sealed, so it can effectively prevent dust pollution and other harmful substances to the outside of the contents, and is not affected by the dangerous goods shape constraints, strong adaptability and buffer. Commonly used in bulk solid dangerous goods packaging.

"Dangerous goods" for ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, barium nitrate, calcium oxide and oxalic acid.

3, composite paper cans and barrels

"The main characteristics of" composite paper cans and barrels is a container made of paper, metal, plastic and other material combination. For the composite carton packaging of dangerous goods, asphalt or paraffin coated layer can be obtained, is moisture-proof performance of the economy, but also has good adiabatic property. Used to paste or solid powder need insulation paper packaging of dangerous goods.

The paper packaging container because of its special properties, are often used in the packaging of dangerous goods. Compared with other packaging containers, better protective container bag, strong shock absorption performance of its structure, seamless, shading can dust. At present, due to the development of new varieties, with many new technology, paper container in strength, stiffness, moisture resistance and other aspects of a larger development.

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