Handmade Paper Box

  • Fold Up Gift Boxes

    Fold Up Gift Boxes

    High quality of white rigid paper box ,with lid and bottom together . outside with printed art paper and lamination, inside can contain all kinds of glasses which things easy to broken and need...

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  • Gift Box With Round Shape

    Gift Box With Round Shape

    Elegant round shape carton box, with lid . custom logo or band can printed or hot stamp on the round lid . box hard and durable .

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  • Gift Boxes With Inner Layer

    Gift Boxes With Inner Layer

    Wholesale custom small design print packaging corrugate paper carton box package with inner layer inside , make boxes more strong than normal boxes.

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  • Foldable Gift Boxes With Lid

    Foldable Gift Boxes With Lid

    High quality of white cardboard paper box ,with lid and bottom, can be foldable ,inside with inner layer ,so things can be put in the correct position perfectly , give people surprising feeling...

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  • Small Paper Boxes With Ribbon

    Small Paper Boxes With Ribbon

    Traditional gift box style with beautiful ribbon on it . Rigid box with lid and bottom seperately, can not be folded . box strong and nice looking , inside sponge inlayer fix the contain not move...

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  • Jewellery Gift Boxes

    Jewellery Gift Boxes

    Velvet cloth covered jewelry box ,rigid and classic , elegant and cute ,inside bottom made by sponge and inside middle indentation can fix a ring or other small pc of jewelry ,so make sure your...

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  • Brown Template Paper Box

    Brown Template Paper Box

    Kraft Brown is made from a durable cardboard material. This box is manufactured by ZHIMEI at our warehouse. All boxes are supplied flat and due to the self locking design of this box, it makes...

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  • Colored Handmade Box

    Colored Handmade Box

    Custom logo printed, colorful fashion design for handmade paper gift box.

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  • Printed Cardboard Box

    Printed Cardboard Box

    Different structures designs of gift packaging and you can assemble it by yourself.

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  • Cardboard Box of Shirt

    Cardboard Box of Shirt

    Rigid board gift box for T-shirt or any garment with lid and tray. Available in any color and size.

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  • Corrugated Box of Pizza

    Corrugated Box of Pizza

    Customized high quality cheapest low price kraft corrugated paper PIZZA BOX for Fast foods.

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  • Pillow Box

    Pillow Box

    Pillow box has the look of pillows that are great and safe choice for packing small things. It is simple assembly, quirky in shape and easy portability.

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Customized handmade paper box is also offered. Feel free to wholesale cheap handmade paper box from professional manufacturers and suppliers in China here. For details, welcome to contact our factory.